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Lunar helium-3?

The term resource has both a geological and an economic component. It must exist in sufficient concentration to be useful and there should be indications that its extraction could be technically and economically feasible. The helium-3 was one of the first elements proposed back in… Read More

The Sci-IA Podcast

I have never participated in a podcast before so when Vivek Dahiya invited me to participate in his Sci-IA Podcast I couldn’t say no. It was a very enjoyable experience. Viverk and I talked about the Moon, space exploration, the future, and even about philosophy!… Read More

Egypt’s Next Frontier

Last Saturday I had the honour to be invited to participate as a keynote speaker and panelist in Space Generation (SG) Egypt’s first event ever: “Egypt’s Next Frontier“. I was very lucky to be surrounded by knowledgeable panelists from whom I learned a lot, and… Read More

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Thank you for visiting my website! I’m Abigail Calzada and I’m very excited to finally share with you my new digital home. I’ve been working in lunar science and lunar resources for more than 10 years, the last 4 in NewSpace company ispace, and after… Read More