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Lunar helium-3?

The term resource has both a geological and an economic component. It must exist in sufficient concentration to be useful and there should be indications that its extraction could be technically and economically feasible. The helium-3 was one of the first elements proposed back in in the 20th century as an useful resource to be… Read More

Asturias (Spain) wants to attract NewSpace companies

Asturias is a region in North Spain with a long history in coal mining and the steel industry, and severely hit by the lasts economic crisis. However, Asturians are people that doesn’t give up easily, they are innovative and they have a deep understanding of technologies and the industry (thanks to the University of Oviedo… Read More

European Researches’ Night (24/09/2021)

Last 24th of September Europe celebrated the European Researches’ Night. I was invited to participate with a video about my experience as a woman in science. The project called En Profundidad (In Deep) was organised by Women in Mining and Industry Spain in collaboration with the Ilustre Colegio de Geólogos (ICOG Spanish National Geologists Association)… Read More

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